MK Engineering is an Engineering Office specializing in the process design of particle removal systems, founded in 1983 by Prof. Dr. Edgar Muschelknautz, an internationally highly regarded expert in cyclone technology.

We deliver custom designs and optimizations of high performance Cyclones, Scrubbers, Filters and Pneumatic Conveying Systems.

Optimum performance of a particle removal system within a process plant is a goal that is often sought but rarely achieved in practice because the design methods are not sufficiently safe and precise. This often results in considerable economic losses for the plant operator, e.g. loss of production capacity or equipment efficiency, or environmental or operational issues such as high particulate emissions or short equipment life.

We achieve optimal performance of particle removal systems with minimal investment and operating costs by applying innovative and high-precision design methods. This improves the overall plant performance to the optimum, as proven in more than 250 international projects.

Basis of our designs are proprietary state-of-the-art software tools, continuously refined and validated with measurement data of industrial plants and test facilities.