Plant type
Scope of work
1991   MICRO-MACINAZIONE S.A., Molinazzo di Monteggio / Italy   Fragmentation of food powder   Design of a spiral jet mill  
1991   THYSSEN STAHL AG, Duisburg   Blast-furnace Schwelgern   Design of blast-furnace gas cyclone separator  
1991   WERNER & PFLEIDERER, Stuttgart   Rotary dryer for rubber granulate plant Amylum   Redesign of rotary dryer  
1991   DORNIER System GmbH, Friedrichshafen   Pproject SPACE SHUTTLE HERMES; fuel cells for energy generation   HERMES / step 2: development and construction of pump systems for H2 / H2O-circuit (jet pump, blower, separator)  
1991   LURGI GmbH, Frankfurt / Main   Coal dust fired boiler / QSL-process   Improvement of solids injection  
1991   LINDE AG, Höllriegelskreuth, near Munich   Steam cracker BASF / Antwerpen   Tests on a model for cooling water circulation / burst pipe safeguard  
1990   DR.-ING. FRITZ SCHOPPE Kohlenstaubtechnik GMBH & CO.KG, Geretsried   Coal dust fired boiler   Redesign of cyclone separator unit after the furnace  
1990   L.H. LORCH AG, Esslingen   Flue gas cleaning in bedfeather production   Scrubber tests for improving scrubbers in production  
1990   PROCTER & GAMBLE GmbH, Pomezia / Italy   Spray dryer facility for washing agent powder   Design of multicyclone unit for washing agent powder collection  
1990   WERNER & PFLEI- DERER GmbH, Stuttgart   High pressure polyethylene conveying
Project Burghausen
  improvement of granulate injection  
1990   PROSKE Anlagentechnik, Münster   Drying II of briquette factory of RHEINBRAUN AG, Niederaußem   Report on gas extraction devices with cyclone separators and waste air scrubbers  
1990   DAIMLER-BENZ AG, Stuttgart   Hot-air blast furnace   Design of multicyclone unit  
1989   UHDE GmbH, Dortmund   Power plant Arzberg flue gas purification   Studies on pneumatic conveying and on mechanical stress of activated carbon pellets  
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