Plant type
Scope of work
1996-98   THOMAE GmbH   Chemical reactors   3 studies for design of blowdown systems for chemical reactors in different production plants  
1996   ALSTOM Energy Systems S.A.., Vélizy Cedex / Paris   CFB power plant of Électricité de France, Gardanne / France   Improvement of 4 recirculating cyclone separators; Main achievements:
— Increase of ash circulation rate from 15.000 to 20.000 t/h.
— Heat transfer improved
— Reduction of water injection
1996   FASAM GmbH, Brüggen   Ethylene plant, Project ROW MG4 / Wesseling   Design of cyclone separator for dust removal from cracking heater decoking gas  
1996   UELZENA Milchwerk e.G., Uelzen   Spray dryer for food powder   Optimization of cyclone separator facility  
1996   NESTLÉ R&D Center, Ludwigsburg   Mill for food powder   Design of cyclone separator facility  
1996   RWE RHEINBRAUN AG, Cologne   CFB power plant Berrenrath   Improvement of 2 cyclone separators; Main achievements:
— Reduction of sand injection from 7.000 to 3.000 t / year
— Operation behaviour more stable
1996   BABCOCK-BSH GmbH, Bad Hersfeld   MDF dryer facility for wood fibre, Project Brilon   Design of swirl vane inserts for pressure recovery in 2 cyclone separators  
1996   Deutsche Gasrußwerke GmbH, Dortmund   Furnace soot production   Design of cyclone separator for soot collection  
1996   GRACE Davison, Worms   Spray dryer facility for Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) powder, Project Convex I   Improvement of cyclone separator facility for FCC powder collection  
1995   HANDTE Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Tuttlingen   Resource recovery plant, Project Bremen   Design of jet scrubber  
1995   Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institut für Energie- u. Verfahrenstechnik   High temperature fuel cells   Development of computer program for gas-gas-injectors at high temperatures  
1995   LINDE AG, Höllriegelskreuth, near Munich   Ethylene plant, Project Novy Urengoy / Russia   Design of blowdown tank with cyclone separator for phase separation  
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