Plant type
Scope of work
1989   JASTRAM GmbH & CoKG, Hamburg   Off-shore petroleum conveying   Design of cyclone separators for separation of solids from petroleum  
1989   JOHANNES MÖLLER HAMBURG GmbH & Co KG, Hamburg   Pneumatic conveying systems   Studies on reduction of erosion and of material adherence at ventilator runners; proposals for improvement  
1989   BABCOCK LENTJES Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH, Oberhausen   Power plant Walsum K 9   Smooth running improvement of MPS-mills  
1989   BABCOCK-BSH GmbH, Bad Hersfeld   MDF dryer facilities for wood fibre   Evaluation of cyclone separators with respect to keeping new emission limits (50mg/Nm3)  
1988   BAYER AG, Leverkusen   CFB power plant G in Leverkusen   Measurements of concentration, velocities and particle size distributions in the duct between furnace and cyclone separator  
1988   LURGI AG, Frankfurt / Main   CFB power plant BEWAG   Calculation check of cyclone separators  
1988   DORNIER System GmbH, Friedrichshafen   Project SPACE SHUTTLE HERMES energy supply system   Hermes / step 1: development of
— gas bubble and droplet separators
— of pump for energy supply circuit
1988   DEGUSSA AG Düsseldorf   Aerosil production   Design of cyclone separator unit for aerosil collection  
1988   HÖNTZSCH GmbH   Flow velocity measuring probe   Development and construction of calibration wind tunnel for flow velocity measuring probes  
1988   Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie (BMFT)   Sewage treatment plant   Study of sedimentation of coagulated and non-coagulated solids in settling tanks and thickeners with particular consideration of sediment zone  
1988   AESCULAP-WERKE AG, Tuttlingen   Sterilizer   Study for determination of physical parameters of sterilizers during cooling phase after sterilization  
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