Plant type
Scope of work
1984   Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie (BMFT)   Space shuttle missions STS 7 and 11   Studies on the influence of friction in the general theory of pneumatic conveying under zero gravity conditions  
1984   WALTER SCHNEIDER GmbH & CoKG Maschinen- und Transportanlagen, Witzhelden   Reverse vehicle for track cleaning   Aerodynamic studies on track cleaning system of reverse vehicle  
1984   STIHL AG & Co., Waiblingen   Brush cutter for stones   Brush cutter / step 1: measurement of particle size distribution and of dust concentration  
1984   BASF AG, Ludwigshafen   Decanter for digested sludges   Tests for coagulation in decanter by laboratory centrifuge  
1984   HAZEMAG GmbH, Münster   Resource recovery center Ruhr   Reduction of abrasion in large cyclone separator  
1984   Luft-Wärme-Klimatechnik GmbH, Nufringen   Air filter   Improvement of nozzles for cleaning filter cartriges from agglomerating or sticky materials  
1984   FELDMÜHLE AG, Plochingen   Production of SPK- aluminium oxide   Determination of parameters for characterization of grinded Al2 O3  
1983   VEREINIGTE ALUMINIUMWERKE AG, Schwandorf   Aluminium production   Filtration tests  
1983-86   NORDDEUTSCHE AFFINERIE AG, Hamburg   Cyclone reactor for copper concentrate   Cyclone reactor / step 1: redesign of cyclone separator  
1983   BAYER AG, Dormagen   Glass fibre production
Project SOR
  Diffusor tests with varying diffusor angles and velocity profiles for design of rectangular diffusors in glass fibre tracking nozzles  
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